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Sun Ray on Solaris 11 SPARC

After an experience I had yesterday, I need to say a little more than I did at Nevada to OpenSolaris Sun Ray on SPARC (part 5 – Sun Ray Server 4.2).

It seems that I missed something.

Part of the configuration that is done at install time sets up a small LDAP server, but instead of pointing at localhost, it points at the machine name. In general this is not a problem. Unfortunately as I moved the disk image from one machine to another, changing the host information, I didn’t realise that it was still talking to the server on my lab machine that I had used to build the image.

This was not a problem until the other night when someone else booked that machine and installed something else on it. All of a sudden I could no longer get access to my Sun Ray sessions.

I spent a while trying to address the problem, but didn’t get very far (probably because I don’t have a lot of skills in the Sun Ray area).

I had noticed some blog postings about a new release of Sun Ray software out (5.2) that includes the 4.3 Sun Ray Server software in it that I had been hearing some good things about with regards to Solaris 11.

I figured it was time to bite the bullet.

The first thing to do was to clone myself another boot environment so that if it did go really badly wrong I could go back and attempt to recover from the current broken point.

# beadm create Solaris11-sr5.2
# beadm activate Solaris11-sr5.2

Have to love ZFS root for instant clones.

I then rebooted into that new boot environment and removed the 4.2 software (I found the instructions for this are in the installation guide for 4.2).

# cd /opt/SUNWut/sbin
# ./utconfig -u
# cd /
# /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utinstall -u

Well that was pretty painless.

I had previously downloaded and unzipped the software so all I needed to do now was to run

# ./utsetup

and pretty much accept the defaults. This was an incredibly painless install in comparison to installing the previous version (well done folks), although in hindsight I should have stuck to the defaults a little more closely than I did as I found that I couldn’t get the DTU to connect, indeed it would either hang actually reboot the DTU.

Looking in /var/opt/SUNWut/log/messages, I saw the following

May 26 22:29:23 vesvi utauthd: [ID 355619] WatchIO UNEXPECTED: Connection from is not allowed
May 26 22:29:23 vesvi utauthd: [ID 572381] WatchIO UNEXPECTED: protocolError: networkNotAllowed
May 26 22:29:23 vesvi utauthd: [ID 303596] WatchIO UNEXPECTED: WatchIO.doRemove(null)

and it suddenly twigged that I’d answered the allow LAN connections question wrong.

Unfortunately I found that I can’t use utadm to fix this as I don’t have the DHCP packages installed on this machine (I have to see if there is a bug logged on that), but if you look at my previous writeup I had to address exactly this before. You have to make allowLANConnections true in /etc/opt/SUNWut/auth.props

# Allow LAN Connections
#       This parameter enforces the policy that only terminals on the
#       private Sunray interconnect can attach to the server. Connection
#       attempts from other network interfaces, including the local loopback
#       interface, will be rejected.
allowLANConnections = true

Doing a cold restart of the software allowed me to start using my Sun Ray at home again

# /opt/SUNWut/sbin/utrestart -c


Written by Alan

May 27, 2011 at 1:16 pm

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