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Making audio default to a second sound device in Solaris 11

It finally got to me. I’ve got a nice USB audio adapter that I use at home on my Tecra M11, but I was only ever able to get firefox to use the builtin audio on Solaris 11. I could make it work under Virtual Box by importing it, but I have a nice sound setup in my office and I really wanted to use the Roland/Cakewalk UA-1G natively.

Searching the web found me lots of people asking the question and nothing in the way of answers.

I’d already tried

# cd /dev
# rm audio audioctl
# ln -s sound/1 audio
# ln -s sound/1ctl audioctl

but flash was still playing through the internal speakers.

The answer came when I ran pfiles on the firefox-bin process, I noticed that it had the dsp device for the internal audio controller open.

What I had forgotten was

# rm dsp
# ln -s dsp1 dsp

I went and started a youtube video and had to immediately halt it as the volume through the other device had been set WAY too high, but yea that’s all it took.

The creation of a script called audio that takes an argument of the device is then trivial, and left as an exercise for the reader (yes I’ve already written one).


Written by Alan

April 17, 2011 at 12:01 pm

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