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Nevada to OpenSolaris on SPARC (part 2)

I am having some trouble with getting the Washington imap server compiled under OpenSolaris on SPARC. That’s ok I can defer that. I only use it for archiving (oh, I need to remember to install MH as well, but again that can wait).

Another side issue I’m seeing is that when I login to the box using my NIS account and work home directory and setup I start seeing some weird errors from ksh whenever I try to run stuff that uses /bin/sh.

make: sh: cannot execute [Exec format error]
make: sh: cannot execute [Exec format error]
make: sh: cannot execute [Exec format error]
sh: make: function not defined
*** Error code 126

I can get around this by doing everything as “jack”, but it’s something else that I need to get to the bottom of. I’ve seen a bug against something that looks similar, but reading through the bug it doesn’t quite seem right. This is something that I can look at a little later I guess.

I’ve currently got about half of the ZFS filesystems across making good use of ZFS snapshots, send and receive, in combination with ssh -C. For example:

rootksh@vesvi:~$ zfs snapshot pool/core@sync                                    
rootksh@vesvi:~$ zfs send pool/core@sync | ssh -C alan@sb2000-b \
        pfexec /sbin/zfs receive -v -d rpool
receiving full stream of pool/core@sync into rpool/core@sync
received 1.76GB stream in 925 seconds (1.95MB/sec)    

Iterating over all of the filesystems, and not forgetting to change the mountpoint where I had on my current box. While writing this entry I’ve completed getting the filesystems over. I’ll leave the snapshots on the original so that just before changeover I can verify that there are no further deltas, or if there have I can update the copy.

Looking at Apache, I went to just copy over my apache 1.x config only to find that the new installation only has apache 2.2. Looks like I will have to bite the bullet and finally migrate to apache2.2, well not before time I guess. This too can go onto the “Deferred” list.


  • Apache 2.2 Configuration
  • Imap server
  • MH client
  • Work out what is with the exec errors and ksh with my login

Next on the list

  • Sun Ray Server
  • MySQL- It’s installed, I just need to get it configured and running. This is probably one that could be deferred too.

Then I can start using it to see if I have everything. Getting closer.


Written by Alan

April 10, 2010 at 12:37 am

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