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Nevada to OpenSolaris on SPARC

For some time now I’ve been running my own Sun Ray server on my Workstation (Sun Blade 2000), so I can transfer my sessions home, and still be running relatively current (if not bleeding edge) bits.

The time has come to take the plunge and migrate to OpenSolaris as a base image instead of the Nevada builds.

I’m already running with a root ZFS pool and I have a lot of things separated into different filesystems.

The approach that I have elected to take is to actually get a lab machine (another SB 2000) installed and running with what I think is everything that I need, and then utswitch to it and run for a couple of days.

Here is where the problems started.

The box I am using has no graphics head and no CD/DVD drive, so I have to use jumpstart with the Automatic Installer. OK fair enough.

Even with the latest OBP on the box (from patch 118323-01 – January 2005!), while the machine supports a DHCP boot, it doesn’t support http as a file transport.

After a little searching I found a solution on Steven Stallion’s blog.

Well almost. As I said, the machine has no drive to drop a Nevada DVD into. We do, however have a lab jumpstart server with Nevada images. The trick I used was to do a SUNWCreq (absolutely minimal) install of a recent Nevada build onto this machine, reconfigure the jumpstart for the Automatic Installer, and then follow Steven’s instructions with the exception that the boot command was simply:

ok boot -F wanboot -o dhcp

I also had to make sure that I installed to the 09.06 image as the configuration I was using listed package names from that image (not the new ones in dev).

Once I sorted that out, the installation ran swimmingly.

We have a Sun Blade 2000 with OpenSolaris 09.06 installed. However, this is not quite what I wanted. I need the machine to be running the developer builds.

Simple enough, login as jack and add the developer repository, making it the preferred one.

jack@sb2000-b:~$ pfexec pkg set-publisher -P -O

and kick off an image update.

The current state is that it’s still doing this as I am packing to go home for the day. The upgrade from 09.06 to current developer is a bit over a gig.

After this is done I need to look at the following so it is doing everything my current machine is doing.

  1. install NIS (as NISplus is gone) and NIS did not come pre-installed on 09.06.
  2. install SRSS 5
  3. install MySQL
  4. configure apache
  5. build and install an imap server with mh support (for my older email archives)
  6. transfer the other ZFS filesystems from my workstation to this machine

Once that’s running I’ll run for a few days with this lab machine as my Sun Ray server to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, break the zpool mirror I have on the workstation (just in case I need to go back in a hurry) and make some extensive use of zfs send, ssh -C and zfs receive, and a couple of other tweaks to transfer the image onto my actual workstation. You know it may be even quicker once I break that mirror to simply put that drive into the lab box to replicate it. We’ll see how it goes.

More as I progress.


Written by Alan

March 22, 2010 at 6:31 pm

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