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The dramas of coming home

The last day went well,m we managed to get everything into the catchup session for the afternoon group. Danni organised for a car to get me to the airport in a timely fashion. Great driver and a nice ride to the airport. Arrived at about 6pm (75 minutes before my flight).

You would normally think that if you are more than an hour early for a domestic flight you shouldn’t have a problem getting an aisle seat (my preference). I was apologetically informed that only “middle” seats were left.


Grabbed a small pizza and a pint of beer for dinner (nice) and headed up to the gate to board the plane. Timed it well, it was already boarding. I note that as my seat is in row 13 I can go to the back door of the plane. This was probably a bad idea as lots of people for rows beyond 13 decided to enter from the front. Took a while to get to my seat.

Just before they closed the doors I had a hostess ask me if I was someone else. I am guessing that what happened is that the person who was supposed to be in the aisle seat beside me checked in but didn’t get on the plane in time, so I ended up getting my aisle seat after all.

It was a pretty bumpy flight back to Sydney (so much so that they only sold cold drinks and snacks, no hot drinks).

Finally into Sydney, of course my bag was the last on the baggage carousel, which meant I was waiting 20 minutes for it.

Headed down to the airport station, bought my ticket and waited 7 minutes for a train back to central. Headed to platform 10 to find that the train I wanted to catch back to the Central coast had left 15 minutes earlier and the next one would be in about 45 minutes (damned baggage carousel).

OK, I managed to get on that train and all was good until we got to Gosford.

Track Work

We all had to disembark at Gosford and get on a bus. Of course the driver couldn’t be bothered to get out of his seat to open up the storage for those of us with large luggage, so we had to carry those on the bus and make do the best we could.

Arrived at Wyong to discover that they had actually bothered to place the one bag of one of the later arrivals to the bus into storage. Sigh.

Fortunate enough to get the last taxi back to my place. Arrived about 00:30 this morning. Flopped into bed and managed a good nights sleep.

I found I could probably have slept another hour if I had thought to check if my 8am concall was still on (it wasn’t).

So, anyway, back home and working my calls from home today. It’s nice to be home.


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February 5, 2010 at 12:54 pm

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