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But the day to day goes on, …

Well we all saw the big news yesterday and all of us are awaiting letters to find out whether or not we have a job offer (expecting them pretty shortly out here).

Meanwhile I am going to be spending most of next week in Melbourne (flying down on Sunday evening and back on Thursday Evening) giving a kernel course to local tier 2 engineers.

So today I am flat out catching up on case-work (it hasn’t stopped coming in) and I’m writing something for Brendan’s new book on DTrace, specifically about developing User Static DTrace (USDT) probes.

I’ve still got a bit of work to do to fully set up the blog here, but it’s getting there. The main reason that I have moved off the corporate server is that with the Change in Control, the new policies are that only work related things can be blogged on the corporate servers, so rather than split work/other I’ve moved the whole thing. If I had split that would have meant three blogs to maintain as I also maintain a quite seperate blog for music and performance related stuff at

Oh well, back to work 🙂


Well I got all my calls bar one updated. I will have a go at the DTrace for that over the weekend. Still need to go over the notes for the course I am doing next week and do a lot more on the USDT book chapter).


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January 29, 2010 at 11:03 am

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