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Why I love the Second Life Musician’s Community

After getting back from CEC, I checked into Second Life to start playing some of my regular gigs again. One of the first things I saw was that one of our number (Dominick Manatiso and his real life family) lost their home in a house fire. Immediately the community pulled together to stage a benefit to raise money to help them towards the holiday season (they have very young kids).

After I finished playing my gig today I directed everyone who was listening to me to head over to the benefit and give what they could, I donated the pretty much all of the tips that I made at that gig.

As of me typing this blog, the community as raised Linden$648,338, which is roughly equivalent to about US$2300. Nothing can replace what these folks have lost, but it is good to see musicians donating their time to raise money for this family heading into the holiday season!


Written by Alan

November 20, 2008 at 12:33 am

Posted in Music

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