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PSARC 2008/008 DTrace Provider for Bourne Shell

I finally got to submit the fast track for the shell provider. I’ve already had one comment (from Darren Reed) that I have incorporated as it made very good sense. He suggested that if we are tracking variable assignments, we should also track unset. At this point I realised that a better name for the probes would be variable-set and variable-unset. I have a working copy for SPARC with these changes now.

Below is the prefix text and the revised specification.

I am sponsoring the following fast track for myself. I am doing the
bourne shell first for two primary reasons.
1. It is the "simplest" of the shells and thus should provide the
minimum set of probes to implement for future work in other shells,
2. Providing probes into /bin/sh gives us observability of
approximately 60% of all of the scripts on ON.
Additionally, as it has been around for a very long time there are
quite a lot of user written scripts for it, many very badly written.
I would expect future fast tracks for other shells (eg ksh88, ksh93,
zsh, bash, ...) to reference this fast track for the minimum set of
Note the probes are currently listed as Uncommitted. As the probes
gain use I would hope to log a future fast track to increase this
A Minor release binding is initially requested. Again, once things
settle down and the interfaces stabilise it is expected that a future
case may request a patch binding.

Written by Alan

January 8, 2008 at 2:27 pm

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