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Poor Stevel

Steve has just written up what he discovered on arriving home today. However, I think his delivery onto #opensolaris tells the story so much better:

(13:52:25) stevel: sigh
(13:52:30) stevel: of all the things my beagles had to find, why did it have to be the peanut butter
(13:52:39) stevel: and of all the places they had to eat it…. why did it have to be my bed
(13:55:51) stevel: got the dried mushrooms, leftover stinky tofu (that one is fun to cleanup), a pitcher of tea, garlic, peanut butter, garlic butter spread (that one’s fun too), 3 eggs, and a bunch of packets of ramen
(13:56:42) stevel: … and then to top it off, they decided that eating all this newfound bounty in the kitchen wasn’t enough
(13:56:47) stevel: they had to take it into various rooms of the house
(13:57:00) stevel: how the @#)$(*@#$ does a beagle carry a *raw* egg to another room and then decide to bite into it
(13:57:39) stevel: and one of them somehow managed to tip a chair over, jump from there to the fireplace mantle, and then from there onto the top of our piano
(13:57:51) stevel: so he’s left scratches all over the piano
(13:58:12) stevel: which, btw, is a $35,000 piano. so that’s gonna be probably about $500-$700 to repair the finish on that
(13:58:37) stevel: and of course… what do dogs do after they eat and drink too much?
(13:58:46) stevel: poop and pee….
(13:58:53) stevel: again, the kitchen wasn’t good enough for that
(13:58:59) stevel: no no… they had to go on the bathmat instead
(13:59:34) Tpenta: steve this is blog material man
(13:59:42) richlowe: oh yeah.
(14:00:05) gisburn: stevel: please blog it.
(14:00:07) gisburn: steleman_: with photos
(14:00:11) gisburn: LOTS of photos
(14:00:42) stevel: i’ve already cleaned up most of it, but i can take photos of the scratches
(14:00:57) stevel: and i can take photos of the two of them hiding in the corner of the living room underneath the piano cause they can tell i’m f-ing pissed at them

And on another channel (names removed as ity’s not a public channel), telling it from the dog’s perspective. I’ve also edited some of the more obvious words 🙂

(14:22:53) xxxx: “!@#$% you for leaving me”, and “!@#$% you, go clean this shit up yourself you abandoning !@#$%”
(14:23:57) xxxx: “But look at my cute little eyes and eyebrows looking up at you– you don’t want to turn me into sausage, do you?”

I see that steve’s now dropped the irc log into te note, but I’ll still post this.


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December 21, 2006 at 7:41 pm

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