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usr/src/Makefile now recognises non-debug encumbered binaries

OK folks, I managed to get the usr/src/Makefile fix into build 54 just before it closed (about an hour). The actual fix is the same diffs as I previously posted.

changeset:   3225:d04f67c1972c
user:        ah89892
date:        Mon Nov 27 21:56:37 2006 -0800
summary:     6495870 usr/src/Makefile needs to recognise the non-debug encumbered binary deliverable

This means that as of the source associated with the mercurial drop of d04f67c1972c and build 54, you no longer need to rename the closed binaries directory or fiddle with the Makefile. If you are doing a non-debug build, the make will look in the right place for the closed binaries (i.e. where they extracted).

I hope to have the encumbered binaries up for 20061127 sometime in the next few hours.

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Written by Alan

November 28, 2006 at 6:41 pm

Posted in OpenSolaris

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