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20061103 flag day non-debug encumbered binaries available (sparc/x64)

They can be downloaded from The Download Centre. I’ve also updated the MD5 Checksums for the extra files.

Steve and I (at Rich Lowe’s suggestion) have done a special “nightly” drop into The Download Centre. The reason is this flag day email.

It constitutes a flag day because several user-kernel interfaces change for
this project, and making them consistent will allow IPsec to keep working
properly. This is especially important if you're a punchin user. BFU is
your friend, but if you "Install" kernels, make sure you get a matched set of
libike, libipsecutil, in.iked, ikeadm, ipseckey, ipsecconf, and ifconfig. And
don't even try replacing a single TCP/IP module without bringing the whole wad
built out of $SRC/uts/common/inet with it.

So we’ve provided bfu archives and encumbered binaries from the clone taken the day that this code was integrated.

Personally, I can’t wait until my local punchin server is running this, as the wireless in my building is outside the internal network and goes through a NAT. This means that currently we can only have one person running punchin on wireless. This update should address this (amongst other things).

Instructions can be found in an earlier blog.

Dennis Clarke has also written a great step by step guide.

You will also note that the downloads page for this build no longer contains the source code drop.

I had a chat with Steve Lau about this.

He has decided to no longer deliver it for the nightly (weekly) drops as the mercurial repository is available.

You may not have noticed, but Mercurial (hg) has been a part of Solaris since build 45 and lives in /usr/bin/hg.

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Written by Alan

November 4, 2006 at 4:00 pm

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