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Samba meets ZFS

I was browsing my RSS feeds today when I came across this post from my colleague Chris Gerhard.

Chris is in the process of revamping his home servers. He’ already done some nice work with snapshotting on his notebook, but this one looks very nice as well.

The idea is to simply make a ZFS snapshot every time that the Samba user logs in. This way it is possible to go back to the beginning of a login session. OK, it’s still a work in progress and it will almost certainly need some easy way to clean up the snapshots, but this is a very nice idea.

Good one Chris.

The application of ZFS that I’m waiting to try is the concept of running Windows under Xen, but using ZFS as teh backing filesystem. The idea being that I can take a snapshot of the backing filesystem before I try applying Microsofts’s patches and when/if anything breaks, I’ll have the option of backing out the entire patch set with a single zfs rollback command. The really nice thng here is that Windows should then even require a rebbot as Xen should be able to start off where I was when I took the snapshot initially.

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Written by Alan

September 4, 2006 at 5:32 pm

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