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The Eighth Meeting of the Sydney Open Solaris User Group

Date: Thursday, July 6
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Sun Solution (formerly iForce) Centre. Ground floor 33 Berry St, North Sydney

See for a link to a map.


First Birthday Party

Food & Drink available, but please let Alan.Hargreaves@Sun.COM know if you are coming so we can have some idea of numbers.

Alan Hargreaves

Open Solaris: The road travelled so far and that to come

Alan will give a brief overview of major events that occurred during the first year as well as having a look into what is still to come.

Brendan Gregg

The upcoming Solaris Internals Book.

Brendan was kind of bumped in SOSUG #6 with a great (and long) talk by Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore. We give him his chance to discuss the book this month.

It’s highly appropriate as it does get released this month.

Brendan (one of the authors) will chat about the upcoming “Solaris Internals” 2nd
edition, an awsome reference that contains many OpenSolaris and
Solaris 10 specifics – including DTrace and mdb. He was able to
contribute towards this edition, in particular writing material
for the second volume (it is now 2 books).

When Brendan is not teaching Solaris topics, he spends time playing
with DTrace and the DTrace toolkit as well as dabbling in the games
community. With a bit of prompting we may be able to get him to say
something on those topics (informally of course).

I’ll also try to have copies of the video from last month’s meeting available as well. OK a limited number. The dvd is about 3gb and runs a little over three hours


  • The security and safety folks have asked me to ensure that people visiting the iForce Centre sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave. This is a safety issue so we know who is in the building. The sign in book is at the front desk inside the glass doors.
  • The main doors lock at about 6:00pm, so we’ll make sure that we have someone near them to allow entry to the building.

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