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Congratulations to the Contributor Award winners

Sarah just sent the following (email from Simon Phipps) out to opensolaris-discuss. Congratulations to all of the winners.

The CAB discussed the nominations at length via private e-mail. To
reach a decision, we clearly had to create our own, additional rules
for the Awards. We have decided the following:

  • It would not be appropriate for anyone involved in the awards to receive an award. The Marketing team agree with this.
  • Rather than arbitrarily limiting the list to 20, it would be better to recognise everyone who was nominated.
  • The list of Award winners is thus:

    Matt Ahrens
    Erast Benson
    Chandan BN
    Jeff Bonwick
    Jon Bowman
    Bryan Cantrill
    Derek Cicero
    Dennis Clark
    Alan Coopersmith
    Bonnie Corwin
    James Dickens
    Alan DuBoff
    Danek Duvall
    Sam Faulkner
    Tim Foster
    Moinak Ghosh
    Teresa Giacomini
    Brendan Gregg
    Jim Grisanzio
    Joey Guo
    Stephen Hahn
    Rainer Heilke
    Glenn Herteg
    Frank Hofmann
    Sarah Jelinek
    Jurgen Keil
    Mike Kupfer
    Stephen Lau
    Adam Leventhal
    Rich Lowe
    Robert Milkowski
    Dave Miner
    Masayuki Murayama
    Michelle Olsen
    Rainer Orth
    Cyril Plisko
    Stephen Potter
    Sumitha Prashanth
    Liane Praza
    Karyn Ritter
    Ben Rockwood
    Joerg Schilling
    Eric Schrock
    Greg Shaw
    Lisa Week
    Keith Weslowski
    Ginnie Wray
    Chen Xiangqun
    Xiang Yong

    Our congratulations to all the winners; it’s been an amazing year and
    the contributions you have all made have been essential to the growth
    of the OpenSolaris community.

That’s a lot of winners, but as I just commented on #opensolaris, that’s a community.

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June 14, 2006 at 5:18 pm

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