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Happy First Birthday OpenSolaris

Well it’s been a year and a lot has happened and there is more to come.

We’ve held seven user group meetings in Sydney and had some great presentations and presenters, including such folk as

My thanks to all those who have presented. I’ve certainly had a good time when I’ve been up front and I’ve received similar feedback from many of the above people.

As noted this morning on opensolaris-discuss, we had our 100th putback happen today.

We’ve seen a whole host of consolidations move their development from being internal to Sun to being conducted in the open. Such things as

  • JDS
  • BrandZ
  • Storage
  • &amp lots more that I’m not going to list.

In addition to the development communities we’ve seen thriving communities spring up around

  • The Academic Community
  • Approachability
  • Games on Solaris
  • Marketing
  • System Administrators

to name but a few.

The great thing to me though has been the people involved in this Community. We have some really great people involved. To try to list them would be to leave many of them out, but I should give my thanks to the following for personal interactions

Tetsunori Fujimoto & Rob Hulme
My boss and his boss. These guys have had nothing but encouragement and support for everything that I’ve been able to do being involved in this community as a part of my day to day job. Without this support, I would almost certainly not be involved to the extent that I can be.
Jim Grisanzio
for helping me get involved and his infectious enthusiasm.
Mike Kupfer & Steve Lau
for pushing me on the non-debug build scripting and helping when needed (it’s coming, it really is guys).
James Eagleton
for the encouragement and for facilitating getting me involved in the extra-curricular activities that I’ve been able to participate in over the past year.
Bryan Cantrill
for inspiration and generally being around when I’ve needed a hand.
Dennis Clarke
not only for blastwave, but for his advocacy and willingness to just talk about stuff.
Ben Rockwood
Ben is also a source of inspiration. His “dedicatedness” to all things OpenSolaris and I find his straightforward method of expression (some would call it bluntness) refreshing.

There are lots more folk that I just know that I’ve forgotten and I apologise to.

This is a thriving community and I feel honoured to be a part of it.

Here’s to an even more fun second year folks!

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Written by Alan

June 13, 2006 at 7:07 pm

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