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SOSUG #7 – Call for presenters

In order to try to stop the last minute decisions of when to have meetings and who is speaking, I’m going to try something different for the next few months. ie I’m going to try to be a little more organised 😉

Apart from December and exceptional events, we’ll have regular meetings on the last Wednesday of the month.

While we can always rely on a few of our regulars to come through, it would be nice if we could have some other folk talk about what they are doing or things that they’ve found interesting. As such I’m asking for volunteers to present. Any empty slots at the time of the close will be filled by pressuring some of the regulars. If we can’t get speakers, the meeting will be called off by the Friday before.

The Details of the next meeting are:

Location: Sun Solution Centre, Lvl 1 33 Berry St, North Sydney
Date: Wednesday May 24
Time: 6:30pm
Call for Speakers Closes: May 17

Please contact Alan or James if you would like to present.

If you have an idea for a topic you’d like to see, post it to

Keep an eye on the SOSUG User Group page for details.

Breaking News

Nathan Kroenert has volunteered to fill one of the speaker slots with a presentation titled Why Niagara is almost as cool as Rare Steak. More details are available at Next Meeting.

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May 1, 2006 at 9:39 pm

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