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What compells a tech writer to look at tech?

Like Jim, I too feel compelled to respond to Dwight Silverman’s comments about Sun on Scott’s moving to Chairman and Jonathan’s becoming CEO.

He has responded to the comments that Jim left him thus:


He’s ‘bit the dust’ in that he’s no longer CEO. Sorry if I’m a little cynical, but when I see the ‘leaving-the-ceo-post-will-remain-chairman’ in an executive-steps-down news release, I’m skeptical. I am, after all, from Houston, home of Enron & Compaq, which raised “the CEO is stepping down” to high art!

I’ll repeat what I said in my post: I’ve not paid much attention to Sun recently, and the company should more be worried that folks like me haven’t felt compelled to try. What I know is inconsisent growth and widening losses. “You’ll like what you see?” Uh…..

I’ve posted the following in response.

Stating up front that I have a bias (I am an employee), but it appears that you do too.

I find it sad and incongruous that as a tech writer, you are more interested in the financials than the tech. It does not automatically follow that because the numbers have not been great that the tech cannot possibly be worth looking at.

There has been some pretty damned amazing tech coming out of Sun in the last two years.

Jim just gave you a reason to at least look (ie “… how much has changed at Sun in the past two years. Give us a chance. I think you’ll like what you see”). Let me spell some of it out in a little more detail.

Solaris 10 is nothing short of revolutionary, as is the (now GPL’d) T1 chip in the T1000 and T2000 series machines. Some of teh new stuff coming down the line in Open Solaris is amazing (eg BrandZ and ZFS). The Opteron based boxes that Andy is turning out are world leaders.

I can only surmise that if you have not felt compelled to look that you have either had your head in the sand or have been deliberately not looking.

As a tech writer, rather than a financials writer, what does it take for you to feel “compelled to look”?


Dwight moderates his comments to avoid the site being abused, but as he posted Jim’s comments I have no doubt that he’l post (and hopefully respond) to mine).


Dwight has indeed responded and a short conversation ensued. Rather than reproduce it here, you can follow it at the link I provided above. I will say, that although we appear to disagree on Sun’s relevance to business as we each see things, I commend Dwight for both responding and keeping the conversation on a civil footing. All I can say now is taht I hope that some time in the not too distant future, something we do, does compell him to at least have a look.

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April 26, 2006 at 5:10 pm

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