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See what happens when you are away on a public holiday

See what happens when you’re off for a local public holiday?

You’ve all seen the news and articles on Jonathan becoming CEO and Scott concentrating on being chairman and “chief evangelist”, so I won’t go over them (although I will point at two that I have not sen links to later).

I’ve only met Jonathan briefly while he was in Australia last year, but from all that I have heard and seen and interacted (he actually does answer email very quickly, as does Scott) I have every confidence in his vision and ability to take us to greater things. This in no way belittles what Scott has accomplished with this company which is nothing short of remarkable; and I know we haven’t seen the last of Scott as he is remaining a full time employee and chairman of the board. Apparantly his travel schedule for the next couple of months is pretty amazing.

I won’t wish Jonathan luck in his new role as I know that he does not need it.

I think we’re in for more exciting times in the future.

The two articles that I ave not seen pointers to are:

McNealy: Apres moi, you’ll be bored silly

Charles Cooper didn’t see eye to eye with him all the time, but he appreciates the kind of CEO that Scott was and expects great things from Jonathan.

Why a new CEO is right, Wall St. is wrong and America needs more jails

Ashlee Vance had a quite candid interview with Scott.

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April 25, 2006 at 7:34 pm

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