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On Holidays

For those who might have noticed a decided silence from me, I’ve been on holidays since about Feb 13.

I spent the first few days at home doing stuff around the house and getting ready for the following two and a bit weeks.

On Thursday (around 11am) we all (Lyn, Jake, Lucy and me) jumped into the car and headed north.

We spent Thursday and Friday night camping at The Smuggler’s Cove in Forster, which I can highly recommend. The downside of that part of the trip was that while shopping, Lyn managed to pick up a nice roofing nail in the right rear tyre. Unfortunately it looks like after the spare was inspected during December, the the bolt that holds it on appears to have been tightened a little too much and even with the local road service, we could not get it undone (see later). The road service folks organised for us to be towed to a local tyre place and $20 later we had a patched back tyre :). Thanks NRMA!

On Saturday we headed up to Port Macquarie to stay for a week at Flynn’s Beach. Also a wonderful time and I can highly recommend the area. The Trendwest/Worldmark staff at the resort were fantastic. The highlight of the stay at Port Macquarie was the two days we spent at Timbertown in Wauchope. A special thanks to Meschel(sp?), Keith, Craig, Paul and David. David let Jake and me ride up front of the Tank engine on the narrow gauge track around the park (about 1.5 miles). Later on Friday, we went for a ride in a clydesdale pulled buggy with Meshcel(sp?) and Bertie (the clydesdale), ending up racing the tank engine (and winning). Bertie really liked being let run. Lucy also got to ride a lovely brown pit (shetland) pony called Milo.

The following Saturday saw us again in the car heading North to Brisbane to visit my sister and her husband.

We made a number of stops on the way (as you do travelling with kids). We ended up stopping for about 3-4 hours at a friend’s place in Casino, and I really have to take my hat off to Brian(sp?). When I mentioned the trouble we had with the spare, he was right out there working on it. We ended up shearing the bolt to get it out, but unfazed, he took the mounting point off to his shed and welded a new bolt onto it, so we can now at least have the confidence of travelling with an accessible spare.

We arrived in Brisbane tonight at about 8pm, oops, 7pm (Queensland doesn’t do daylight saving) and were treated to a lovely lamb dinner by Adele and Aaron, and I got my first chance in about a fortnight to put this notebook onto the net.

We’re here until Monday morning at which time we head down to Kirra Beach on the Gold coast for four nights and then take our time heading home, maybe picking out some campgrounds on the way.

Lyn’s taken close to a thousand pictures on the digital camera and I simiply don’t have time to pick any out for this entry, but I will do some in a later one. One thing that we did discover is that a single 256mb SD card is simply not enough for a day out, on each of the days at Timbertown, we filled the camera; although the second time we were prepared, with my notebook stashed in the car so we could dump the SDram and clear it.

Anyway, It’s late and I desperately need sleep (I drove the last 3 hours straight and am knackered). Not sure when I’ll next update the blog, but I’m back at work on March 6.

Cheers all.


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February 25, 2006 at 5:28 am

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