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A “Performance” problem on a T2000 [reprise]

This call is pretty much at a conlusion now, well it’s out of my hands.

It turns out that the “benchmark” that was done up does indeed use a single connection across multiple threads. Hence we only get a single server thread.

We’ve asked the account team to discuss this with the customer and to find out just how closely this mirrors the “real” load. Given what the account team has been telling us, I suspect the answer is that it doesn’t. The account team believes that we have multiple connections from multiple processes.

It’s now up to the account team and perhaps MDE to work out a benchmark load that more accurately reflects the customer’s production environment.

So, moving to a T2000 is actually likely to dramatically increase the throughput that this customer is going to see on their production load, with (I might add) no modification to the production code.

If I hear any more on this, I’ll mention it.

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Written by Alan

December 20, 2005 at 3:38 am

Posted in Solaris

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