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OpenSolaris, Build 27, ZFS, Package tools and unsung heros

By now pretty muhc everyone should know that ZFS is now available as both Solaris Express Community Release, and in the build 27 source drop.

Something else that happened today is that until we can open up our packaging tools, we have made them available under a binary license that allows for redistribution. Hence they can be incorporated into OpenSolaris Distributions.

From a ZFS perspective I can heartily recommend Dan Price’s ZFS screencast.

Now for the unsung hero.

He’s playing it down a lot at the moment, but I happen to know that ever since the date for the source drop for this build was announced, Steve Lau has been working hard to make sure that the drop happened at the right time. Since before build 27 was actually delivered internally even; so he had even more work with the respin we had to do. He wsa also concerned to make sure that zfs would work in the source build and did a fair amount of testing in that area too.

On top of all of the ZFS commentry going on this morning he also just mentions in passiang that he’s put the package tools up on the main site. OK he claims that he didn’t do the work here and the person who did doesn’t want to be identified, but hey; he put it up on the site.

Hats off to Steve for a job well done.

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Written by Alan

November 16, 2005 at 3:59 pm

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