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OpenSolaris build 26 hits the site

And before anyone asks, NO, ZFS is not in this build.

According to Jeff, the integration happened this week. If you have a look at the build schedule, you will see that build 26 closed on October 17, well before this time.

One of the big things you will see in this source drop is a change to the OS/Net source tree. When you examine a file, you now have the option to look at the file history, and this history includes the putback records for the last five years, and the ability to see changes to the file since OpenSolaris was released.

As an example if you have a look at the history for clock.c, scroll down a little and you’ll see that I made an update back in February 2004.

 1.180     20-Feb-2004   
4756989 uptime output negative on a stressed system.

The struck out revision number means that the modification happened before we released as OpenSolaris, so the source is not available.

We also get to see a link to the bug and to the author. Unfortunately as I have a different opensolaris username to what I have internally, this is currently broken, but I’m sure that Chandan will fix that up shortly.

A really powerful feature is that for the versions that you can see the changes in, you can select two revisions and get some very useful comparisons. See the differences between revs 1.199 and 1.200 of clock.c for an example

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November 3, 2005 at 5:54 pm

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