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A [religion free] comparison of Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD kernels

Max Brunning1 has posted a brief, zealotry free, comparison of how these three Operating Systems approach a number of basic kernel tasks.

He has a brief look at

  • Scheduling and Schedulers,
  • Memory Management and Paging, and
  • File Systems

I found it an enjoyable and instructive read. A major part of this is that he presents simple comparisons without any bias. and his conclusions are not along the lines of X is obviously always better than Y. I can certainly recommend it as an introduction to the kernels that you may not be familiar with. At least a starting point. He also lists a number of good references.

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  1. Max is an Instructor who spends his time teaching Solaris internals, device drivers, and kernel crash dump analysis and debugging.


Written by Alan

October 15, 2005 at 4:58 pm

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