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We will be holding the fourth meeting of the Sydney Open Solaris User
group next week.

Date: Monday, October 17
Time: 6:30pm
Location: iForce Centre. Ground floor 33 Berry St, North Sydney

See for a link to a map.


Bryan Cantrill

Bryan is in Australia this week to (amongst other things) present a tutorial and plenary at AUUG and do some customer visits (If you have not booked a Tuesday afternoon tutorial at AUUG, his is certainly worth considering).When I
asked him what he would talk about he had the following to say.

Given the number of DTrace mavens, perhaps the talk should be in the DTrace Tips and Tricks vein? I’d rather not give the stock DTrace intro — if there’s one audience on the planet where I can assume some prior DTrace knowledge, SOSUG would be it…

Bryan is a senior staff engineer with the Solaris Kernel group and was recently recognised as one of the top innovators under 35 years of age.

James McPherson

James recently gave a customer presentation on ZFS
and has agreed to give the presentation to this group. I’ve not seen the presentation, but from all accounts it went very well when he first gave it. James has been “playing” with ZFS for quite some time, particularly with a focus on usability and folks simply doing silly things with it to see how it holds up.

James has just moved to the Leadville driver group from PTS. He has been with Sun for just under six years. He says he is not really an axe murderer, just plays one on TV.


  • There is a rather large internal meeting preceeding us in that conference room with some international visitors (maybe some will hang around); so I’ve had to move the start time to 6:30. It may also be a little congested around our start time.
  • The security and safety folks have asked me to ensure that people visiting the iForce Centre sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave. This is a safety issue so we know who is in the building. The sign in book is at the front desk inside the glass doors.
  • The main doors lock at about 6:00pm, so we’ll make sure that we have someone near them to allow entry to the building.
  • I am assured that there will be food/drink provided at some stage during the evening.

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October 8, 2005 at 8:55 pm

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