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Some Comments on Martin Fink

I’ve had it suggested to me that the comments that I’ve made directed at Martin imply that I don’t have any respect for who is is or what he has done.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Martin has done a lot of good for the Open Source community. I certainly respect this. He also has risen to a post of some major responsibility at a competitor. This also is due respect. To not respect one’s competitors is commercial suicide. Apart from that, it’s my nature to grant someone respect until they demonstrate that they are not worthy of it. Martin’s done nothing to demonstrate that he is unworthy of respect.

I have done in the past, and shall continue, to keep any criticism (and criticism is not necessarily a negative thing) of anything he says on a cordial, impersonal and even friendly basis, as he did when he responded to my initial comments on his first blog entry.

Obviously I am disappointed that he chose not to respond to some of the corrections that I offered to that article, and that he elected to discontinue blogging, but that is his choice. He is a busy man.

As I vaguely recall someone else blogging, I’m sure that we could have a very interesting discussion over a few beers.

There is nothing wrong with two people holding views that differ, as long as they can be reasonable, discussion from two differing, even opposing viewpoints can yield interesting results.

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Written by Alan

October 6, 2005 at 2:44 am

Posted in OpenSolaris

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