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So, who is using Solaris 10 in production?

In my weekly one on one with my manager this morning (my manager is in
Tokyo), I was asked what my impression of Solaris 10 takeup in
Australia was.

I could only answer that I’ve seen a few calls get up to PTS-Kernel,
and that must be indicative of some kind of take-up, but we only get to
see when things break.

I decided that I could take a straw poll through the blog. I’m going to
ask some questions and ask for people to follow the email submission
link back to
me rather than respond in comments, so we can give a little privacy.

That being said, I have no interest in doing anything with people’s
email addresses, once I’ve done the collating, I’ll be removing the
emails and anything identifying about them.

While I’m initially interested in Australian Customers, please feel
free to pass on your thoughts if you’re not in Australia, simply deselect
the “I am in Australia” checkbox.

There appears to be a problem with the blogs s/w we are using and it won’t let me save a form in a blog entry, so I’ll upload it as a seperate file. You can find the link here.

I suppose we should put a sunset on this. I’ll post something about the results on October 10 (Australia/NSW).

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Written by Alan

September 20, 2005 at 9:41 pm

Posted in Solaris

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