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I love mucking around at While the real “money” is in ideas, mucking about with the share market tere can be a bit of fun when combined with various artefacts.

I recently did a forced buyout at triple price of all of the shares in Jonathan’s Webog. I just hyped it twice and sold the lot for substantually more than I paid for it.

The fun part is the “Press Release”.

Press Release

Jonathan Schwartz’s Weblog was the subject of much speculation when analysts at several firms were heard to be very positive about it’s recent performance. It’s share price rose from B$5,338.97 to B$7,955.60. Much of the hype was said to originate from Alan Hargreaves whose Killer App (artefact) was said to be involved.

Alan Hargreaves had the following to say:

That dance and discoesque theme at the recent Network Computing Event has everyone talking.

Alan Hargreaves:


Just used another artifact to buy the 4000 shares back for about a sixth of what I just sold them for 🙂

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September 14, 2005 at 7:32 pm

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