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OpenSolaris build 22 on it’s way

Some excerpts from #opensolaris earlier today. It’s obviously the
place to hang out to discover stuff.

Note that I’ve edited out quite a bit of other conversation and that
the times listed are Australia/NSW.

(09:14:00) Tpenta: hi steve, how comes the next drop?
(09:14:21) stevel-: x86 looks done. having some silly nits with sparc.
i should have it ready by tonight.
(10:23:51) stevel-: wooooooooohooo. finally got a successful sparc build
(13:29:49) stevel-: woooooooot
(13:29:57) stevel-: i think i've got all the build 22 sources ready to go
(13:30:23) stevel-: need to sanity test the sparc bits, and then
hopefully they will be up on SDLC tomorrow
(14:22:30) stevel-: finally
(14:22:43) stevel-: i'm done. it only took 14 freaking hours
(14:25:55) Tpenta: sparc?
(14:26:05) stevel-: yeah.
(14:26:18) stevel-: got everything done for the build 22 delivery
(14:26:19) Tpenta: cool, so what do you need to do inorder to get 22 (?)
out now?
(14:26:28) stevel-: by friday. just as i promised. :-P with 2 and a half
whole hours left to spare
(14:27:01) stevel-: they need to be pushed out to SDLC, but i don't know
how to do that since i don't have an account on ProdTool
(14:27:19) stevel-: kupfer said he would login tomorrow and push them out
(14:29:28) stevel-: time to go pour some scotch and join my beagle and
pass out on the couch
(14:44:59) Tpenta: do you mind if I blog that availability shortly?
(14:45:10) stevel-: not at all.
(14:45:18) stevel-: i'm going to make a blog post too once i finish this scotch
(14:45:33) stevel-: though maybe i should do the blog post firs t:-P
(14:45:38) stevel-: in any case. go ahead :)
(14:45:48) Tpenta: :)
(14:45:56) Wez: stevel-: scotch while blogging sounds like a good compromize :)
(14:46:10) stevel-: wez: anything with scotch is a good compromise ;-)
(14:46:19) stevel- left the room (quit: "outta here").

Steve’s made a blog entry about the completion, so now I can do mine πŸ™‚

By the way, I can certainly empathise with the Scotch comments (which is why I left them there).

Some of the new stuff (as lifted from Steve’s blog) include:

  • crypto drivers: aes, arcfour, blowfish, des, rsa
  • GSS, Kerberos, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, some PAM modules, PKCS11, SASL, crypt, wanboot, & the dprov driver.

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September 10, 2005 at 1:28 am

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