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Brief report on SOSUG#3

Just quickly, as you will have seen in my blog, I gave a presentation. No need to talk about that here, it’s available for download (well a summarised version).

Kavit Munshi spoke about Asterisk and I must say that I found it absolutely fascinating. It’s certainly approaching being viable competition to many of it’s far more expensive comercial counterparts.

We had a bit of a worry about Kavit, as shortly before the meeting he was called out onto site to do some work, so I presented first. Near the end of mine, Ché got a message that he was jumping into a cab at Pymble and should only be about half an hour. This seemed like a good time for coffee/tea/chocolate and biscuits. Kavit then did a marvellous job of presenting on a whiteboard as he had not had time to go home and pick up the gear he was going to demonstrate. Perhaps next month.

After the presentations we spent a profitable hour simply chatting amongst ourselves about various things. It turns out that the reason that we did not get the James Squire Brewery was the fact that SAGE-AU booked it. Yes, we again clashed with a largish event. We’re going to be a lot more careful next month. We are hoping to at least have a date within the next week so folks can plan ahead.

Ché also videod both presentations, so we should have that at some point. He brought along a single dvd of meeting #1 that I’ve now got for copying for folks, unfortunately, there appears tobe some problems with my copy. Maybe one day, we’ll get it out 😉

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Written by Alan

August 17, 2005 at 2:04 am

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