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More progress on non-debug opensolaris builds

Yup, getting rid of the -t from NIGHTLY_FLAGS appears to have done the trick.

The thing that I found incredible is that the building opensolaris on this v40z, including an intial make clobber and creating bfu archives for both debug and non-debug builds (meaning we have to build complete debug and non-debug builds) took a grand total of 50 minutes!


It should also be mentioned that the most recent build I did of the encumbered binaries and of opensolaris was actually done on a system bfu’d with the non-debug version of the opensolaris archives. I’ve now got things building with the sos10 compiler instead of the earlier sos8 one.

Now comes the sanity checking, proving on SPARC and then the code reviewing.

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Written by Alan

August 9, 2005 at 2:30 am

Posted in OpenSolaris

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