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More progress on non-debug opensolaris builds

With the help of some folks on #opensolaris (thanks Keith Weslowski and Rich Lowe), I’ve tracked down what was happenning in my non-debug build, and managed to find out how it happened. I was starting to get concerned that perhaps something was not being propogated correctly or I had buggy code. The real answer was a lot simpler.


My modified makebfu, which I built in the tonic-split workspace was installed in /opt/onbld/bin. Fair enough.

My environment file had -t specified in NIGHTLY_OPTIONS. This option says to use tools build from the local source tree.

Of course I hadn’t propogated the new tool source into my opensolaris tree, so it didn’t know to use the closed/root_i386-nd closed tree, so we got the wrong bins into the build.

I’ve just removed -t from the NIGHTLY_OPTIONS and kicked off another nightly. Hopefully this will solve the problems that I’ve seen.

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Written by Alan

August 6, 2005 at 7:46 pm

Posted in OpenSolaris

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