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More from Martin Fink

Martin’s been talking to the press again.

I think that what a lot of people who are taking exception to what he says are missing is that Martyin is a PR mouthpiece for HP’s Linux efforts. That’s his job, within that constraint I can understand why he says what he does.

The thing that I take exception to is that the Journalist allowed him to make claims without pushing him to back them up. I see very little in the way of any work on the part of the journalist to go away and either verify things that Martin claims about IBM and Sun (or indeed give either of those companies right of reply) before going to press.

For myself, I’d love to see him substantiate those claims.

One thing I will say that’s positive, is that it’s nice to see that he now has backed down on his stance that Sun would not release Open Solaris under an Open Source license. Although it still seems that he just can’t get the concept that Solaris is a single source base and that we actually did Solaris, not Solaris on x86. We also did not open source Solaris 10, we open sourced the current development version of Solaris, the code that we are actively working on to become Solaris 11.

Martin, why not drop over to the OpenSolaris web-site, it may help clear up some of your misconceptions. That is, if you want them answered. It’s a shame that while you “considered” responding to the questions I raised in December, that you decided not to. One makes a lot more sense when asked about a subject if one actually makes the effort to find out about it. It was also a shame to lose you from the blogosphere.

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Written by Alan

July 18, 2005 at 5:01 pm

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