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What is Open Solaris About?

I was involved in a discussion in #opensolaris on freenode this morning, and I was actually pretty happy with how I answered this question (although what I’ll put here are slightly modified answers to what I came up with, but the gist is the same). The comments have been edited a little for readability.

So, what is Open Solaris About?

Where do you want to start?

Probably the best first word would be “sharing”.

We believe that we’ve got some pretty cool stuff in Solaris and we want to share it. We also believe that we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas (Innovation happens everywhere), and that there are other folks who would like to play in our sandbox.

So what is the difference of solaris to Open Solaris?

The aim here is that Solaris will be one of the distributions of Open Solaris.

But why make distros? Distros are stupid.

For the same reason that we have Linux’s is the base linux and everyong else has their own ideas about how it should be wrapped or what should be in the kernel. Like I said, Sun does not have a monoply on good ideas. What we think is good for Solaris will almost certainly differ from what someone else may think for another distribution.

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July 7, 2005 at 8:58 pm

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