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Super Support Girl

I’ve recently found a blog that I find a great read. She’s only been blogging for Sun for a short while (but apparantly has been blogging elsewhere for some time.

The blog is called Super Support Girl Saves the Day Again (The story of a lowly support engineer’s rise to global domination). Emma has a wonderful writing style. About the only issue I would take with her is her statement

My name is Emma, […] and am probably at the bottom end of all Sun employees

Emma, folks like you are the face of Sun Microsystems. As far as the customer who is upset that something has broken is, you are Sun.

It was interesting reading the comments on her first entry. The first an obvious troll, followed by a welcome from both Simon and Jonathan.

Keep up the great blogging.

I’ve added Emma to my blog roll under Sun Folks->CES.


Written by Alan

May 9, 2005 at 11:42 pm

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