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Lucy is feeling better

I’ve spent most of this week on carer’s leave.

Monday night we took Lucy into hospital (Wyong), as she had an incredibly bad cough.

The night staff at Wyong were great.

On initial examination, the doctors were very concerned as it looked like she had some kind of chest infection that looked like the onset of pneumonia.

Lucy spent most of that night on oxygen and hourly ventolin, all provided by a mask. She really did not like the ventolin as it was steamy and it got in her eyes, so her solution was to cover her eyes with a dry flanel.

At about 6am the next morning they organised for an ambulance to transfer her to the children’s ward at Gosford (as in spite of all of the state politicians running around sayng how they have been doing wonderful things for Wyong Hospital, it still lacks a children’s ward!!!).

She spent all of Tuesday at Gosford (who also had wonderful staff through all shifts). What we really appreciated was that Gosford Children’s Ward provides a place (with beds) for one parent to stay free of charge so they can be near their children. Lyn stayed. I think her presence comforted both Lyn and Lucy as Lyn was not required through the night.

Lucy spent a lot of time in the craft/play room and enjoyed that part of her stay very much.

She came home after lunch on Wednesday and is on a decreasing schedule of ventolin through a spacer for the next week.

She went to School yesterday, but both her and Jake were still asleep about 8:30 this morning, so Lyn decided to let them both sleep it out. Lucy is still pretty hyper from all of that ventolin and (though I think he wouldn’t admit it) I think Jake was pretty worried about her.

Unfortunately for Lucy, she is not to play sport for a week, so she can only watch the first soccer game of the year that she and Jake were supposed to be playing tomorrow.

My heartfelt thanks to the staff of both Wyong and Gosford Hospitals for nursing my special little girl back to health.


Written by Alan

March 17, 2005 at 3:23 pm

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