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Fixing Mozilla on Solaris Express 2/05

I mentioned the other day that there was a well used script that does not (yet) deal with uname -r returning 5.10.1.

You guessed it, the script in question is /usr/sfw/bin/mozilla.

The bug1 has the effect that if you double click on the mozilla icon, nothing happens. If you try to run mozilla, you get it telling you:

Mozilla 1.7 requires Solaris 8 or later

Fortunately this is pretty easy to fix.

On lines 217-218 of /usr/sfw/bin/mozilla, you will see the following:

case "$OS_VERSION" in
"5.8" | "5.9" | "5.10" ) ;;

Simply change this to read :

case "$OS_VERSION" in
"5.8" | "5.9" | "5.10" | "5.10.1") ;;

I believe the real fix will be to remove this code entirely and has been done for build 10.

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1. 6212965 mozilla needs to understand uname -r returning 5.10.1 for nevada


Written by Alan

February 28, 2005 at 2:17 pm

Posted in Solaris Express

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