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A really organized pile

I was reading through Bryan’s tips and tricks for dtrace that he published today and noticed the page recommending folk not to compile on x86 with -omit-frame-pointer (for gcc) or -x04 for (our compilers). The page (42 oddly enough) looks something like:

Gotcha: Unsupporting libraries

  • Regrettably, on x86 there are compiler options that cause the compiler to not store a frame pointer
  • This is regrettable because these libraries become undebuggable: stack traces are impossible
  • Library writers: don’t do this!

    • gcc: don’t use -fomit-frame-pointer!
    • Sun Compilers: avoid -x04; it does this by default!

Later today, watching the #solaris channel in irc on freenet, I saw the following quote, made in regard to something totally unrelated, but seems to fit soooo well.

It’s not really a stack, more of a really organized pile

Thank you to g4lt-mordant for that gem.

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Written by Alan

February 28, 2005 at 8:20 pm

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