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The difference between blogging and directly answering Journalist Requests

I was recently contact by a journalist who wanted me to comment on an article that they were writing, specifically to comment upon something that a competitor had said about us. They stated that they had been passed my name as someone who might like to comment on what had been said.

I take no issue in the manner that the request was made, it was very polite and pleasant.

The problem is, that while I might like to comment on such things here in my blog, that is one thing. It is obvious here that I am speaking representing my own views and opinions.

If I even respond to such an email, then it can be perceived that I am making official comment on behlaf of Sun Microsystems. I cannot make such a response.

As such, let me offer my apologies to the journalist in question that I could not even respond with a “no thank you” by email. I hope you can understand why I didn’t respond. I did however pass the request on to the folks who could, so I hope they got back to you.

Please folks, I have no issue with my blog being quoted (along with appropriate attribution), but I simply cannot respond to direct press enquiries. We have people whose job this is. Please contact them.


Written by Alan

February 16, 2005 at 10:03 pm

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