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New Year

OK, I’ve been back at work a few days now, but haven’t updated how new year went.

We had a really nice evening at our across the road neighbour’s consisting of a light dinner, lots of nibbles, varying types of alcohol and loud music.

For the last few late evenings we’ve had over there, I’ve had trouble getting past about 11pm as I’ve been getting up at around 5am in order to get in to work by 7-7:30. I actually managed New Year’s Eve. Also managed to catch the Sydney Harbour fireworks at midnight on the TV. As usual, they were damn impressive; the thousands of flashguns on those instamatic cameras also added a nice effect.

Jake unfortunately did not. However, he did do something impressive. He curled up on the sofa and went to sleep in the middle of the party and some very loud music. Nothing seemed to be able to wake him. We ended up carrying him and lucy into the bedroom to let them sleep for a bit. I carried Jake home when I left at about 1.

We had a pretty quiet weekend after that, mostly cleaning up around the house. Monday was also a public holiday out here.

Getting back to work this week has been a bit funny. There have been periods of absolutely nothing coming in for us to work on, and then periods of incredible activity. It’s also getting interesting with the gate close for the final build of Solaris 10 before release, especially watching the open bug list for bugs marked as stopper get smaller and smaller.

Call wise this week, like I mentioned it’s been sporadic. We actually had a couple of UltraSPARC II ecache calls come through , which were picked up and dispatched pretty quickly. I’ve had a few performance issues come up (and wake up from being dormant) and a panic involving IPF on Solaris 8. Still waiting for a customer confirmation of a binary fix that I had provided them for a backport. Once I get that I can bring the code tree into sync with the current Solaris 8 and 9 trees and start on the patch in earnest.

Anyway,things are starting to settle down again and I’m looking forward to yet another year full of interesting and challenging calls.


Written by Alan

January 5, 2005 at 1:08 am

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