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More on the timing of open-sourcing Solaris

In an article at Computerworld
Patrick Thibodeau interviewed Jonathan about open-sourcing Solaris.

The article was titled Schwartz Says Solaris Can Be Completely Open-Source

There are some great “soundbites” in this interview.

What’s the time frame for releasing open-source Solaris?
We will have the licence announced by the end of this calendar year and the code fully available [by the] first quarter of next year.

Well folks, that’s the best timetable I’ve heard published publicly.

Some other good quotes.

Is there anything preventing you from making all of Solaris open-source?
Nothing at all. And let me repeat that. Nothing at all.

Here is the one that folks are so good at misquoting him on. The answer is pretty clear (well I would think so on reading it).

Is Solaris in competition with Linux?
No, that’s like asking if Solaris is in competition with the open-source movement. Solaris is in competition with Red Hat. Solaris will be as much the open-source movement as anything else. The competition ultimately is going to be had and be seen between companies that have competitive offerings.

There are a few other good questins/answers in there, but why not simply head off to the article and read the whole thing?


Written by Alan

November 29, 2004 at 1:02 am

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