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Solaris Express 8/04

Solaris Express 08/04 which is based on build 63 should be available for download by August 17 (note this is August 17 in the US), if the announcements that I have seen are anything to go by.

I’ll talk about some of these in more detail in later blogs, but the new features for the release include:

  • DHCP Event Scripting
  • DHCP for Logical Interfaces
  • x86: Sun Validation Test Suite 6.0
  • Kernel Modular Debugger
  • Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5
  • Zones-Wide Resource Control
  • Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  • Zebra Multi-Protocol Routing Suite
  • IPsec and NAT-Traversal
  • Enhancement to the nfsmapid Daemon
  • sendmail Version 8.13
  • Per-thread Mode Enhancement
  • perzone Audit Policy
  • OpenSSL and OpenSSL PKCS#11 Engine
  • x86: Fibre Channel Connectivity for Storage Devices
  • BIND 9
  • Samba
  • Flex 2.5.4a
  • SIP Proxy Server
  • libusb 0.1.8

Remember that you will need the three software cd images to install Solaris Express.

As usual, all docs are on without password protection.


Written by Alan

August 14, 2004 at 6:55 pm

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