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Jake’s Soccer and my weekend

I took Jake to soccer again this weekend. It was a ground I had never been to and I ended up going down the wrong road just before we got there, but we did make it. They took on Doyalson/Wyee.

There was a little confusion from the sidelines as both sides had a Jacob and a Jessie. The highlights… Sam did a magnificent header, well planned and directed during the first half. I think they scored one in the first half and one in the second. The second goal was a great team effort involving some good passing near the goals. Jake got to make a few throw ins. One in particular was very well done as he threw it down the line to exactly where his player was running to. They actually scored another goal, but the refereee must have been unsighted. It looked like the ball bounced off the back of the net back to the goalkeeper, and the ref only saw the ball in the keepers hands. Oh well, they still won 2-0

I took both Jake and Lucy to Sam’s 6th birthday party at McDonalds later that afternoon and they had a great time there.

That evening the for of us joined our across-the-road neighbors for a really nice BBQ and drinks (well the adults had the drinks).

I’ve also got to add, that the Newcastle Knights Rugby League club finally got out of their eight week slump and put in a great win against the South Sydney Rabbitohs. That made Sunday night TV much more enjoyable. They are only one point out of the top eight now, so they could still be in the running for the finals series.


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August 2, 2004 at 3:05 am

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