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Dtrace, Solaris, Open Sourcing …

Adam Leventhal has just got back from OSCon and has made some interesting blog entries in the last few days.

Linux, Solaris and Open Source is definitely worth a read. He discusses a conversation he had with Greg Kroah-Hartman about Linux kernel development; goes on to talk a little about Open Solaris and the Solaris Community and some of the feedback he is getting (good looking feedback too!).

Adam is now officially a celebrity 🙂 In DTrace Spotting it appears that he was recognised in an airport as one of the DTrace developers and a conversation struck up.

Other folks to talk about OSCon include Eric Schrock here and Jim Grisanzio who also includes some photos. Isn’t it nice to finally be able to associate faces with some of the names that we have been seeing around?


Written by Alan

August 2, 2004 at 3:23 am

Posted in Solaris Express

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