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Fixing the car

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit due to various things. Mainly I’ve had to deal with a sinus type bug that’s been running around. Hopefully that’s now in the past. I’ve also had a lot of work related stuff on my plate for those days in which I’ve been in.

Didn’t get to see Jake play soccer on the weekend as my father and I had to do some work on my wife’s car while she took him to soccer with his nan. I didn’t get to hear very much about what happened except that I think they lost and Jake saying “I didn’t get anything”.

Anyway, the car …

The right hand side front wing had ben sideswiped. As a result the bumper was sitting low and the indicator housing was gone. We were also looking at replacing the radiator. Thought we had all of the parts from a local wreckers. Not quite.

  1. Apparantly on leaving the wreckers my wife left the replacement indicator on the sales bench.
  2. On removing the current radiator we realised that the replacement was too big.

Oh well, we still had work we could do while they were out.

  1. Removed and replaced the apron (the part between the bumper and the grill).
  2. After a whole lot of “how the hell does this hold together” we managed to straighten out the bumper.

When everyone else got home we went for a quick trip to the wreckers to pick up the indicator housing and take the radiator back. We took the old one along as well so they could measure it and see if they had another (they didn’t). They are ordering one in for us.

Anyway, we managed to pull out the wing sufficiently for us to get the new indicators in and (wonder of wonders) it all worked first go. We put the old radiator back in after giving it a low pressure reverse flush (stand it upside down and drop the hose into it for a while).

We managed to be done just in time for a lovely lunch.


Written by Alan

July 28, 2004 at 8:05 pm

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