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More folks finding out about Dtrace

It’s great that we are all seeing folks get just what is possible with Dtrace. Bryan emailed me in response to my last blog entry. He is also seeing this. He sent me a few urls of folks who are writing about it. One in particular stands out.

Daniel Berrange has written a well thought out entry on what he sees Dtrace is, how it compares with some other tools, and expresses a desire that the folks coding Linux take note of the functionality.

I for one hope that Linux community (& vendors supporting it) realize the value of a polished tool like DTrace and take prompt steps to close the gap to Solaris.

He also lists some resources for finding out about Dtrace.

This type of posting is great. As was noted in my previous entry, the detractors appear to be those who have not tried it. Get out and have a good look at it before you start with the “If it’s in Solaris, the linux stuff must be better”. Sure, Linux has done some great stuff; but it would be arrogant to believe that it is the only Operating Environment that is showing innovation and great advances.

As someone who has seen some of what is yet to come into Solaris Express, there is still a lot of great stuff coming.


Written by Alan

July 10, 2004 at 2:11 am

Posted in Solaris Express

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