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Kmdb replaces kadb as of build 61

A week or so back kmdb was put back into Solaris 10. As well as giving us much of the functionality of mdb in the kernel debugger, we now have an extra added bonus.

mdb -K

mdb -K allows you to dynamically load kmdb at any time. One suggestion though, if trying it on x86, don’t do it within X, you won’t be able to see what you are typing as it does not screen flip back to your text screen. Drop to a command line login first. If you want to unload kmdb for any reason, you can use mdb -U.

This is certainly going to help us out on those occasions when we’ve said “If only they’d booted with kadb, we’d be able to find out …”

With luck this should appear in Solaris Express either in the next release or the one after.


Yea, point taken from the comment, I should have checked the builds that constitute the various beta releases. If all goes to plan, then we should see kmdb in SE 8/04 – beta 6


Written by Alan

June 15, 2004 at 11:10 pm

Posted in Solaris Express

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  1. Luck or no, it won’t be in the next release (christened Beta5), which will either be comprised of Build 60 (likely) or 59 (if 60 is toxic). So it won’t appear in Express until 8/04 (Beta6, made up of either B61 or B62) at the earliest.
    But I wholeheartedly agree: it rocks. It’s awesome. ::ps, ::walk thread, ::print, etc. all from a halted OS (and even ::findleaks works I think).


    June 15, 2004 at 11:25 pm

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