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My boy won player of the match!

My little boy (Jacob) started playing soccer this year. He’s one of the the youngest kids in the under sixes as he turned five in December.

His team went down today (3-1), but it looked to be the best game that they have played this year. They were all helping each other out, spreading out (instead of bunching) and kicking away from the goal instead of dribbling it; just like they were told at training last night.

Before he went out onto the pitch today his step brothers (in their 20s) told him to go out there and chase the ball and not stand too far back on the other side’s goal kicks.

Well, … he went out there and did just that. His coach commented to me during the game that she thought he was playing really well.

One funny incident that happened during the first half. He was in defence and happened to be looking the wrong way. The ball from the throw in bounced off his head while he was turning around and went straight to his goalkeeper, to the cheers of all. When told what a great header it was when he was next substitued, he replied “that wasn’t a header, that was a hurter!”

Anyway, at the end of the game this team gives out an encouragement award and a player of the match award. I couldn’t believe it! His coach said that he really deserved to be player of the match today. I was so proud of my little boy. He gets to keep the player of the match trophy for a week and got a certificate with some freebies on it; including a cheeseburger meal at McDonalds which he has already redeemed and a pass to Taronga Zoo.

The encouragement award went to Josh who played a ripper in goals, so well that instead of changing keeper at half time, they left him in because this was a hard game and he was doing so well.

Mum & Dad get to wash the shirts this week 🙂

Well done Jake!!!


Written by Alan

June 4, 2004 at 7:27 pm

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  1. Awww, that is so cute 🙂 Good job jake!
    You should get him more certificates with freebies on it 😉
    Try it out at… I signed up for their site a few weeks ago and got a freebies certificate. You could use something like that for his soccer game prizes.

    Jessica Shandrum

    June 21, 2004 at 12:55 pm

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